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Do I need to see a veterinarian in person?

We help you determine the urgency of your pets medical concern in 5 minutes or less.
This service is for triage only, not a diagnosis.

If you are referred to a veterinarian in-person, a portion of the fee may be eligible for reimbursement

The animal hospitals listed below may provide an in-clinic credit if your appointment is referred to them from our veterinarian for immediate attention. Purrplan members may be eligible for reimbursement through their coverage, regardless if the case was referred or not.


In order to keep costs low for you, our calls are only 5 minutes and our veterinarians do not provide any medical diagnosis. They simply assess and determine the urgency of the situation. If you should see a veterinarian in person immediately, we will call your clinic to notify them that you will be coming and email them the doctors notes. If you aren't required to go to the clinic immediately, our veterinarians can provide general advice on next steps.

How it works


Login & Request a Call
Select a time when a veterinarian can call you


Wait for the vet to call
Our veterinarian will call you from a random number at the designated time


Follow the veterinarians guidance
Our veterinarian will advise you if you should visit a veterinarian right away or if there are alternative measures to take



All of our veterinarians are licensed in the province of Ontario. They are only able to provide teleadvice or teletriage, meaning they cannot provide a diagnosis of your pets condition. Smart.Vet professionals operate under the accredited facility Ontario Telemedicine Services.



Access a veterinarian from any device without any downloads necessary! Simply login to request a phone call from a veterinarian. The veterinarian will call the provided number at the selected time. Note: Calls come from a number without a caller ID.

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